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AFC Bournemouth vs Everton – Saturday 25th August – 3PM KO

Time to Pop the Away Cherries

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Well this is all going swimmingly for our unbeaten blue boys so far isn’t it? That optimistic feel from last week continues as we saw off Southampton with some ease, despite some ropey moments, and it should have been more comfortable than it actually was. However, we are still on track for the unbeaten treble winning season we all expected when the first ball was kicked.

What!? I’m trying to keep the positivity going.

OK OK, This is Everton, something insane will happen this weekend which sees it all crumble. Richarlison’s leg will fall off, Pickford will give up football and move into UFC (sit down Ings you biff), Marcel Brands will just have been a dream…..STOP IT. WE’RE WINNING THE LOT.

Let’s start with doing something as rare as a ruined steak….an Everton away win…Bournemouth away…

As mentioned, there were lots and lots of awesome things about last weekends win over Southampton. Not least me being at a wedding in Southampton surrounded by Saints fans, and just as the mad Saints season ticket holder gave his vows my watch vibrated to tell me Theo Walcott had given us the lead. Beautiful wedding.

But from a football point of view, i’ve caught up….and that front 4 gives me all the smiles. Wingers doing what wingers should do and a bit more to be totally honest. A striker holding the ball up (more on him in a minute), and a number 10 from Iceland doing the magic. I can support this quite easily. And that’s without the tiny Brazilian minx Bernard even having a go yet. Signs.

There’s still a few shakes at the back. I guess at this level complete rollovers are unlikely these days unless you’re Man City. Everton still managed to give me the bum clenches by letting Saints get back into it, and Pickford had a few ropey moments…..followed up by a unbelievable recoveries. Wouldn’t be the first player to have a little World Cup hangover though, and i’m sure it will clear up soon. For me, we a re lucky to have this kid in our goal and would do well to remember that no goalkeeper in the world makes no errors.

Also, small word for Tom Davies. He gets some stick for not being Andres Iniesta, but I thought he was great when he replaced Morgan Schneiderlin early doors on Saturday. I really hope he can push on this season, as last time was a struggle. Again, nothing new a young player droppingĀ  a little after a good introduction. And he skates around Liverpool. He should be my favourite player ever really.

Well crikey, AFC Bournemouth have had a decent start haven’t they? Two wins from two, and coming off a good win at West Ham last weekend, which is always amusing so i’m not going to hate on this lot too much. In fact i’d go as far as to say I actually quite like Bournemouth.

In a world where people crave a sporting fairytale storyline, from Leicester winning the league, to Paula Radcliffe having a poo during a run, the Cherries never seem to get a mention, despite coming from nothing and now, really, being a consistent Premier League team. Are they ever going to win it? Nah. But do they ever come into your discussions on who is going down this season? Not mine anyway. They’ve settled and I see no signs of them dropping anytime soon.

Let’s have a look at their team;

In nets, Asmir Begovic is still getting the nod. Man, there’s a keeper i’ve not rated since he was at Stoke about 9 years ago.

At the back, Nathan Ake is one Chelsea really should have kept hold of, alongside Steve Cook who is a big lad. Smith and Daniels are the full backs and feel like they have been for ages.

In the middle, Dan Gosling (SPIT) still gets a game, with Andrew Surman, who still gets a game, with Ryan Fraser still getting games on one side and new young signing from Sheff United Brooks on the other side…getting games.

Up top Callum Wilson is a player. I’m telling you. He might not be the the coolest name to brag about, but I like him a lot. He’s a dangerous player who has come back really well from a serious injury. With Jermain Defoe still on the bench if things are going tits up.

On paper it really looks like a Championship team. But somehow Eddie Howe gets a tune out of that lot and a decent tune it is. As I say I really don’t mind Bournemouth. They seem to do things the right way.

Definitely 2-0 to them. Defoe 92 Mina og 93

Having said all that, would I want Eddie Howe managing Everton? Would I heck as like! He shat himself when he moved north of Birmingham and had a go at managing Burnley a good while back.

And let’s be honest he’s nowhere near as sexy as this bloke:

Look at him. Getting Gana in a headlock there. Better this. Even if it does go all tits up at least it feels better for now.

Let’s look at the Toffees this weekend. Well…it will probably be a very similar looking team.

Pickford will start in nets. And hopefully will do for years to come. A word on the reserve keeper situation. Stekelenburg is dogshit, whilst Joao Virginia (Take me home, Country Roads), had a decent game for the U23s the other night.

At the back, probs the same. Baines (think Digne is still out), and Captain Coleman on the flanks. Holgate and Keane in the middle. With Zouma and Mina waiting for one of them, probably Keane, to balls up and swoop on in. Interesting with Keane and Holgate. I can see Holgate really being good under Silva. Keane….still unsure.

In the middle, Schneiderlin went off hurt, not too sure how serious, but a word on his boss no look pass our opener last weekend. Boss. More of that, less of last season please Morgan. And Gana to run around like he does with Davies if Schneiderlin doesn’t make it. Gomes still a few weeks off I think.

Up top same 3. Walcott looks happy, Richarlison is still making kids cry (in a good way) while being kicked all over the park, and Tosun is doing what is asked….but not scoring.

A word on Tosun. I really like him. But yes, he’s yet to get off the mark this season. He’s getting better and better I think. It’s imperative for a striker in this league to be able to link play with those behind and to the side of him and I really thought he did that great against Southampton. Ideally of course we’d want him slotting hat tricks every game, but I don’t see him missing loads of chances every game, so with that we need him to do the dirtier side of a strikers game, which I saw him do well last weekend.

A few slots over the next couple of game and I think people will be less worried about our striker situation. DCL looks bigger as well doesn’t he? And Davies for that matter. What’s Brands feeding these boys?

Remember this? Oh Everton. I think it’s always good after a post of optimism to remind ourselves what Everton do sometimes to banter ourselves into submission with a ludicrous moment.

Let’s hope we score enough this weekend to get away with the inevitable late Bournemouth goal for it to be just a consolation.

And a final shout out to anyone travelling down south for this one. Bournemouth is a nice town though. God i’ve been nice about them this preview.





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