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Burnley vs Everton

Match Preview: Burnley vs Everton by ijjysmith

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COME ON THE SNOW, GET THIS CALLED OFF! Or in fact do we just want to get these games out of the way? I don’t even know/care anymore. Think a lot of our feelings are now very much in the ‘let’s just get this season done and out of the way and start again…..again’. What an absolute cluster of a season this has been. Never have we felt so distanced from the players we have. Never have we felt so much angst against a manager, especially so soon into his tenure. It was never going to work was it? And you know what will be worse when we finish somewhere between 9th and 11th (so 10th then you idiot)? The large manager we have will see that a proper success. GRAVY.

Oh yeah, we’ve got a game this weekend. Burnley, the town the 21st Century forgot, away. Oh great away. I don’t mind admitting I was offered a ticket to this match, but the thought of watching us try to get a 0-0 only to inevitably lose 1-0 as the ball bounces of Ashley Barnes’ arse and flies over poor young Pickford…again, was too much for me to be arsed with. I’m not sure if i’ll go to a match again this season because of the manager. Judge me.

(Remember when Sammy Eto played for Everton…hahahaha)

Burnley though, despite being a bit dodgy in recent weeks are still having a quite awesome season. They have literally no good players, but they are a good team. A very decent team. Everton have better players than Burnley, but Burnley are a better team. If you get me. And then there’s Sean Dyche. With his voice like a dying Walrus eating all the ginger biscuits. We were linked with him when we needed a manager, we still do of course, but Dyche was never for me. With his voice like a car crash in the middle of the night.
Looking down the Burnley team, one word sums it up. Workhorses.
Tom Pope has done very decent since Heaton got injured in nets. A very promising keeper there I hate to say.
In defence we may have bought the wrong centre back, as James Tarkowski is looking much better than the £30m (!!!!!) Michael Keane in our ranks. But that could just be we expect more. Same could be said for Ben Mee, who some say was who made Keane look so good at Burnley. Maybe we should have bought both.
In midfield, Jack Cork is very tidy and always has been as he tours mid table promoted teams seemingly at will, he’s just one move to Huddersfield away from a free coffee.
Aaron Lennon appears to have settled ok there too. Part of me would have liked to have held onto him a bit longer, this season at least. As limited as he was, he always gave his all which is something we miss. But the other part of me knows we need better players.
Up top, Sam Vokes, Ashley Barnes, Chris Wood, Nahki Wells – all better than our options. And i’m not even joking.

I’ve just made Burnley sound dead decent. They aren’t. But they sit above us in the league. The Premier League this year is abysmal. It really is.

Everton will play a side. Pickford will be in nets. Martina will also be there. Kenny will play if Coleman is out. Gana probably. Oh i’m bored. I’m bored of it all. Sam will pick a team to try and get a draw. It might work. It probably won’t. We’ll have one striker until we go behind. It’s all just so obvious and predictable. That Watford game was grim.
Sam will then call out the players for not being able to pass to each other, say we created chances but missed them even though we didn’t, and then do nothing about it in training in the week, while he searches for a sports phycologist to talk to our players. Well Sam Allardyce, perhaps YOU should talk to one too. You are the most deluded man we’ve had …..oh since Koeman. What is wrong with us?

And none of this is an excuse for our players being as bad as they are either. It is not Sam’s fault that Wayne Rooney can’t pass to his own team mates. These players need to do more just as much as the manage.

I’ve thought a lot this week about expectations. Are we wrong to be expecting more at the moment? I’m not sure we are wrong. It’s that bad. Watching the League Cup final (I can’t spell whatever it’s called these days), and hearing Gary Neville rip into Arsenal was great…until you remember that ‘disgrace’ of an Arsenal team slotted 10 goals in 2 games past us this season without even breaking a sweat. I can’t wait until Gary Neville next has an Everton game. He’s in for quite a shock.

That’s enough from me. It’s so hard to be positive about the blues at the minute. Maybe we will win on Saturday, maybe a Portuguese god might come and save us next season, or maybe it will get snowed off and we can forget about Everton altogether this weekend.



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