Leicester City vs Everton – Sunday 1st December – 4:30PM KO

Holidays are coming....for you Marco

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This can’t go on much longer. And I mean that.


I have only 14% battery left on my laptap and can’t be arsed to go at get the charger. This literally can’t go on long.

But what is there to say really? We’re shit. Marco is 98% off. Some shite will come in. After we’ve been dicked my Leicester and absolutely dicked by Liverpool.

May as well close the preview there.

Or will that happen?

13% now.

Remember when Sigurdsson sent Maddison into next year and slotted top left last season? I can barely to be honest. Life was so different. There was hope. And 25 yard belters.

Is there any hope now? It’s really hard to see a single glimpse of it currently. It’s highly highly likely that we’ll lose our next two and Marco Silva’s disastrous reign will be over.

Then we have the quite clear battle at boardroom level. I don’t know Bill Kenwright, or Marcel Brands, but I can 100% tell you that only one of these people wants David Moyes back at Everton. And that person isn’t Dutch.

If Moyes comes back, we must all just give up because what’s the point? Why should we hope for better, have any ambition when things like that are a true possibility?

Yet I know some Everton fans who would be happy for David Moyes to come back. I have not one idea why. They do realise peak Pienaar won’t be there too yeah?

Silva has done well to last this long. It’s probably only the tough fixtures ahead that have kept him in his job for now. Be harsh to give a new boss these games with our shite team…..but we’d have to play them all at some point anyway. I dunno.

Better than Mark Hughes like though yeah? I think.


So as mentioned earlier our next two games are away to the current top 2 whose names begin with L.

Leicester on Sunday. On tele. While i’m putting the Christmas Tree up. The same as last year when we played Spurs. On the tele. While I put the tree up. 2-6.

When Leicester won the league I was livid. Hated the story that everyone loved. Because it should have been us. I was jealous beyond belief. It should have been us. I won’t ever change my mind on that. Not Leicester’s fault though. They’re clearly a well run, well managed (even though Brendan Rodgers is fucking weird isn’t he?), club. And i’m jealous of that.

We are the exact opposite.

Kasper S in nets for them. Gets some shit, but he’s a decent keeper in my book.

At the back Young Baines at left back in Chilwell. Ricardo the other side, with Evans and the Turkish kid in the centre. It’s strong.

In the middle, Ndidi has done good staying here as he’s perfect for them, James Maddison is great too. Tielemans is great. Great.

Forwards, Vardy slots. Perez is decent.

They’re decent this lot. What annoys me? There’s not one player in that squad that we couldn’t have got if we had any balls, or talent in the transfer market.

Fucking 19-0 to them.

Everton, well who really cares anymore. I’m on 10% battery now. Bit like how much we can all be arsed to support this shambles. I feel for anyone going this Sunday. I’ve never known so many tickets for an Everton away to be up for grabs as this one.

Pickford in nets. Poor lad.

Mina and I reckon Keane will come back in as Norwich (FUCKING NORWICH) gave Holgate a torrid time last weekend. Digne left back, probably Coleman back in. As if it makes any difference.

Delph hopefully ok for the one so the Schneiderman doesn’t ever play for us again the lazy bastard.

As for the Iwobi, Sigurdsson quandry, well the Icelander answered that for us last weekend. If he starts again Silva really is signing his own exit papers.

A striker. Flanked by a mardy Brazilian and someone else.

It honestly makes no difference anymore. As much as Silva is a bad manager our players are YET AGAIN shitting it for another manager. It cannot continue.

I do have a tiny bit of sympathy for him. He was badly fucked over on the last few days of the summer transfer window when what we clearly needed didn’t happen. Then he last his Gana replacement. And we’ve had a few injuries. None of that is his fault.

Literally just about everything else is though. Last few times he’s been on the edge he’s sneaked a win. But now we’re playing good teams.

Be very Everton if we somehow won our next 2 games though wouldn’t?




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