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Everton vs Manchester United – Sunday 1st March – 2PM KO


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That Arsenal game though. So irritating. Contrary to popular discord I don’t actually think we played that well last Sunday, but it shouldn’t really have mattered. That Arsenal team is absolutely nothing. Dogshit. Nothing. As shown by them being dumped out of the Europa by some dodgy plate smashers in the week following.

Everton really need to sort this out. The likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, United etc…won’t be as shit as they are now for too much longer you’d think, but somehow we’ve chosen the same time to drop a bit too. How very Everton.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. I just don’t like losing. Despite not being amazing we created enough chances at the Emirates to win that game twice. Just the old Everton crept in 3 times and shafted us.

Once the new Everton appears consistently we’ll be properly sound I reckon. Just going to take a bit more patience to get there, and bloody hell us blues have had to be patient.

It’ll be worth it though. Won’t it? WON’T IT?!

Who wants some next? OH THIS FUCKING LOT.

I am not buying that them just getting a half decent midfielder has fixed all their issues. I swear down they are still shite. As shite as they were last season when we proper shafted them. And that was with Marco Silva in charge.

I have a real issue with Manchester United. This season more than ever. It’s their fans. Not all of them, a certain select few. Second only to you know who in terms of being spoiled wankers. You know the ones I mean. The ones who started supporting United in the 90’s. Winning literally everything, and now they can’t handle what being a real football fan is like. Whinging that ‘their club is being ruined’………while sitting 5th in the Premier League. Dickheads. Self entitled dickheads.

Man United themselves annoy me too. Recently it’s been them being about £500m in debt but not getting any punishment for that, while City are having the book thrown at them for being minted. How is that fair?!

Anyway, they have picked up a bit. Just in time to play us. Obviously.

De Gea starts in nets….I think. Not what he was but can still be great.

At the back Wan Bissaka is better than Alex Hey Arnold fight me. Luke Shaw is a bit simple, and I can’t think who their centre backs are…..oh yeah Maguire and Lindelof. Into them carts.

Their midfield has been proper transformed by a Portuguese lad. INTO HIM GANA…..oh. Erm….INTO HIM MORGAN……oh…….Oh jesus. Fred has also got less shite than he was. McTominay is not for me though. We all hope Lingaard and Pereira start. Their own fans hate them like some of us hate Tom Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 Davies.

Up top Anthony Martial might be injured. Rashford defo is injured, but that young lad Greenwood is the real deal i’m afraid.

Basically, what i’m saying is exactly what I said last week about Arsenal, these lot are nothing NOTHING.

So 3-2 to United it is.

Oh gosh. Seeing Gana on top of that makes my heart hurt. He was so good most games. Most obvious thing ever…..he’d walk straight into this team still now. Obviously.

We’ve essentially replaced him with Gylfi Sigurdsson who wasn’t even playing well at his favoured 10 position let alone he’s now meant to be a tough tackling centre mid, so you can clearly see what we actually need in the summer. I’ve essentially given up on Gbamin. Whatever he is.

Everton will line up with Jordan Pickford in goal. Great.

At the back, can’t remember what Carlo said about Digne in the press conference but Baines was alright/good at Highbury last weekend. Sidibie had a right shitter though. I’m no Coleman fan these days but he has to be put back in doesn’t he? Mina and Holgate centres for life. Did I see a newspaper article this week saying Spurs wanted Michael Keane?! I can’t have surely.

In midfield. Andre fucking SexMan Gomes to start. He literally is my hero. Sadly he’ll be partnered by Iceland’s second greatest ever player there. I tried to offer Sigurdsson to the MLS this week but they didn’t reply. Delph will start for sure too.

Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin will score. That’s just what happens.

And that’s us. Not loads to choose from really.

I watched a brilliant documentary short about Marcel Brands this week. He’s sound. Not perfect, and some fans need to realise that nobody on the planet is…..except Alexa Bliss, and he’s got a real tough job on his hands. Fixing the mistakes of yesteryear will still take a bit more time. We have Bolasie, Sandro, Besic…..the list is still too long on our pay role, and nobody NOBODY will pay them what we do so we are stuck with them until they have no choice but to do one.

Marcel is sound, bit smarmy, but I like that. And Carlo Ancelotti is our manager which evens it out pretty well I think.

I think Everton have put the documentary on YouTube. Watch it. It’s great.

Anyway, Man United are easily rattled, and if we get into this lot we can do them. I honestly feel like I said these exact things last week. United and Arsenal are the same. Shite. And we can definitely beat them. Whether we will or not depends entirely on us.

I’m not thinking about Europe. If we get there great. If we don’t, less chance of being all Coronavirused so we can’t lose here.




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