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Wolves vs Everton-Review

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Wolves versus Everton: an amateur review by forum member, Blu

I’ll start this by saying I make no claim of being a football expert. I came back to the game five or six years ago, after a childhood of playing it regularly, only to abandon it in favour it skateboarding, girls and booze, not necessarily in that order, with a few of them being recurring distractions, and some disappearing as quickly as they came (skateboarding). As such, I’m at best an amateur and at worst a drunken sot shouting things via my keyboard at the internet instead of at the TV down at the pub.

So. Without further ado, how I felt about Wolves versus Everton, our opening fixture.

This game was a breath of fresh air after last season, and for the record I don’t mean just under Allardyce. Silva has implemented a style, and while it hasn’t taken perfect hold of the team just yet, there are clear improvements over a lot of last season. We seem to be attacking much better, defending well, the midfield looks solid. Keeping in mind this was against Wolves, a newly promoted team, albeit with something to prove given the money they’ve spent and the hype they’ve received from sections of the media and, as one member of this forum put it perfectly recently, the football hipsters. Even so, I thought we looked by far the better team, even when we went a man down.

The sending off was pivotal, not just because of the obvious disadvantage: to me, it showed what Silva is capable of tactically. He made an almost immediate substitution and got us a draw out of it, with the help of a player he clearly had at the top of his list of signings, Richarlison. What impressed me was the flexibility in the face of a completely unexpected situation that no manager can count on or expect. He seemed to know exactly how to change things up to keep us competitive. I’m not sure any of the managers we had in charge last season would have been able to do what he did on Saturday.

As I stated at the beginning of the article, I’m not football expert, so I’m not sure how to judge whether or not Jagielka’s challenge was a red card offence. To me it didn’t look like it. A foul, probably, a yellow, even, but not a red. What was strange was how much further forward the kick was taken by Wolves in relation to where the actual foul occurred: it appeared to be around five or six yards closer to the goal. What was even stranger was that Craig Pawson allowed it. It was a strange decision overall, one that ultimately could cost Everton what could have been a pretty routine win, made more impressive by doing it with a man down.

Trying to be optimistic with things, I think that this match bodes well for the future. Michael Keane looked, somehow, like a footballer for a change. Either Silva’s training and system are working well with him, or he’s decided that with the introduction of Mina and Zouma he’ll have to genuinely fight for his place. Either way, I thought his performance was one of the better ones he’d had in an Everton jersey, albeit not a flawless one. Still, there’s reasons for optimism the cash the club spent on him won’t have been wasted if he can find a place for himself in Silva’s system.

Onwards and upwards.’

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